How CDEK Enters New Markets Via Social Media

Generating B2B leads on LinkedIn and similar platforms.

In this case study, The Social Selling agency ModumUp, describes its collaboration with CDEK, an international logistics company, over the past year and a half.

This Article is Comprised of Two Case Studies

1. Attracting potential CDEK franchisees in different countries

This project is dedicated to establishing CDEK offices around the globe, while the CDEK office in Germany is the touchpoint for potential franchisees.

2. Cross-border supply

We have approached various e-commerce companies from Western Europe.

We describe the work we've completed and cover some universal approaches to Social Selling that are suitable for various markets.
The target audience of our product is quite complex, so using common marketing channels is not enough. We apply Social Selling to several regions: we have to understand the specifics of each market and adapt our approaches. Social Selling gives us deeper insight into the nuances of different countries while making personalized offers for our future clients and partners.
Elena Baranova
Head of International Marketing Group, Franchise

Attracting CDEK franchisees in Western Europe

The first CDEK project we launched pertained to Konstantin Reisner's profile, Head of The International Franchise Development Group.

We were looking for an audience from Western Europe, including entrepreneurs with business experience in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, and the UK. In most cases, these are small to medium-sized offline businesses, not IT and marketing entrepreneurs. Logistics experience is not required since CDEK provides expert support.

We first tested the idea of searching for our target audience on LinkedIn, but the results didn't live up to our expectations. We then moved to Facebook and saw an instant rise in responses. Facebook groups and communities also showed great results as well.

Throughout the project, the Connection Rate (% of accepted connection requests) increased from 20.7% to 68%, which meant the profile had earned credibility. Over the last 16 months of the project, Konstantin has gained a base of 1,977 target audience representatives.

Working with ModumUp is easy. The team knows how to listen and adapt; that's why we've achieved our goals. I believe we are on the right track!
Konstantin Reisner
Head of International Franchise Development at CDEK

Developing Konstantin Reisner's profile

In Social Selling, it's essential to build an authentic image and show what a person is like in real life. Offline communications should not contradict the tone of voice on social media. If the two pictures, online and offline, do not match, potential clients will feel as if they've been deceived. This will lead to lost trust or even jeopardize the deal.

It was crucial to show Konstantin's personality from different angles:
  • as Head of International Franchise Development at CDEK
  • as an expert in launching businesses
  • as a person with a unique background

We have shared Konstantin's experience as an entrepreneur.
We've also informed the audience about new CDEK office openings throughout Europe.
We've shared some real-life pictures. Personal content helps build trust among followers and engages conversations within comments and messages.

Attracting new franchisees

CDEK attracted 55 potential franchisees in European markets thanks to Social Selling.

We boosted the recognition of Konstantin's profile among the target audience by publishing expert content and maintaining activity in groups and communities. When we sent out connection requests, some target audience representatives asked how they could help and why we had sent the request. In this case, we immediately got down to business and sent our proposal for cooperation. The tactic proved successful and brought in numerous leads.

In total, we tested three approaches for lead generation to determine which one was more relevant for potential franchisees.

The first approach: search for compelling events and compose personalized messages

We started the lead generation process by sending personalized messages.

We selected 28 followers who matched the initial portrait of a potential franchisee to a tee. For each person, we searched for best-fit compelling events. All to make the conversation optimal for potential franchisees.

After meticulously studying our leads-to-be, we composed personalized messages.
An example of a personalized message
Hello Alexander, nice meeting you!

My name is Konstantin, and I develop the global CDEK franchise network but live in Berlin. Facebook shows your profile as recommended, so I decided to connect. I noticed that you work as a hotel director in CityName but live in Spain. How do you manage these distances? Have you thought about opening your office in Spain?
As a result of 28 messages, we received 18 replies. The Response Rate was 64%, which is extremely high.

The second approach: networking messages

Researching every single profile takes quite a lot of time. So, we decided to speed up the process of getting to know our target audience. We sent 151 universal networking messages, resulting in a high Response Rate of 50%.
An example of a networking message
Hi Emily. I'm pleased to meet you!

I recently started using FB, and I think it's a great platform for networking. I was wondering if we could have a chat and get to know each other?

I work for CDEK, a logistics company, where I develop our international franchise network, and I live in Germany. What do you do for work? How long have you been living in Lübeck?
The third approach: lead generation in groups and communities

We wanted to reach more target audience representatives, so we decided to start activities in professional communities. We posted an offer for potential franchisees in one of those groups. Our approach was successful, especially in Portugal – we received 72 responses from this country.

The project results: attracting new franchisees via Social Selling

Over the last 16 months:

  • We collected a base of 1,977 entrepreneurs from Western Europe, in which 1,790 people engaged with Konstantin's posts regularly.
  • We generated 55 leads who the client qualified as the target audience after they had the first meeting.
  • The client closed 2 deals for more than 200,000 euros.
  • We attracted 2 potential job candidates and 2 contractors.
We are glad that we tried a new marketing channel and it succeeded. Social Selling does open up new opportunities, and our marketing department is really pleased with this collaboration. I enjoyed reading Konstantin's posts. It was a delight to see the audience's warmth and friendliness.
Elena Baranova
Head of International Marketing Group, Franchise

Generating Leads in the global market of cross-border delivery services

Another direction where we launched Social Selling was CDEK's logistics support in European markets for international companies. We have been working with the target audience via the personal profile of Evgeniy Shchapin, Head of International Development at CDEK.

Over a 15 month period, CDEK, in cooperation with ModumUp, received 63 leads and interest from more than 50 target audience representatives. Evgeniy's LinkedIn profile gained 2,968 connections, including CEOs, E-commerce and Digital Transformation Directors, and Global Logistics Managers from the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Portugal.

CDEK was initially interested in transportation, e-commerce, and mail forwarding segments.
Working with pre-made lists of specific companies exceeded all our expectations. Targeted search allowed us to increase the Connection Rate by up to 80 percent.
Project Manager, ModumUp Agency

Developing Evgeniy Shchapin's expert profile on LinkedIn

Besides growing the target audience on LinkedIn, it is essential to translate expertise and create trust toward Evgeniy's image. So we prepared content based on two expert roles and one personal role:

  • Head of International Development at CDEK
  • Expert in Logistics and E-commerce
  • Work-life balance

The Head of International Development at CDEK focuses on attracting new clients and raising brand awareness. We posted about CDEK's achievements, including the annual Quality of Service and Consumer Rights Award in Istanbul.
Situational posts like a project launch added authenticity to the profile. Evgeniy shared his vision and plans for CDEK's international development while showing how open and honest he is with subscribers.
Publications for the role of logistics and e-commerce expert helped illustrate Evgeny's expertise and attract international partners.
Talks about traveling and hobbies demonstrated Evgeniy's personality, while the profile kept gaining trust among the target audience and continued attracting more potential clients.
With the correct positioning, insightful and expert content, and a credible image, we received 8 incoming leads.

Lead generation approaches

LinkedIn is a professional social media; therefore, the audience shows a great attitude toward straightforward messaging without wasting time on chit-chat.

We have tested various options for personal messages.

A message asking to recommend a relevant colleague

During the first step, Evgeniy introduced himself, shared what he did for work, talked about the benefits of potential cooperation, and how he could be useful to potential clients. Given that potential clients were not the decision-makers; they could probably recommend reaching out to their colleagues. At this point, we sent a message asking them to share a relevant contact.
Message example
Hi %Name%,

Thanks for connecting!

Evgeniy here from CDEK — a leading international logistics company with 20+ years of experience.

I'd like to make an offer regarding a potential partnership. Who is the best person I can speak with?

Thanks :)
This approach helped us get the contact info of 25 target audience representatives, who happen to be the decision-makers in those target companies.
Top managers often refer to the lack of time. We decided to take advantage of this: we asked them to point us toward the person who could help us. They agreed since it relieved them of responsibility.
Project Director, ModumUp agency
A direct offer in a connector message attached to the connection request

We also tested the lead generation approach of proposing a partnership in a connector message sent with a connection request.
An example of a connector message
Hello %Name%,

Let's connect!

I work with international companies such as ASOS and UPS to build end-to-end delivery for European consumers. We are the leader in the European logistics market. Together, we can cover all aspects of the European market because we have an extensive network of offices and couriers, even in the country's most remote corners.

I'll be glad to discuss a potential partnership. Is this relevant to you?

Best regards, Evgeny

Instant transition to the cooperation discussion got us 30 leads.

The importance of follow-ups

Here is a familiar situation: you received a message, opened it, got distracted, and forgot to reply. Hence, it's critical to follow up with your target audience in at least two or more lines. It's also considered appropriate to return to the conversation after a few months to jog their memory.
Working with pre-made lists of specific companies exceeded all our expectations. Targeted search allowed us to increase the Connection Rate by up to 80 percent.
Project Manager, ModumUp Agency

Project Results

Over 15 months:

  • We connected with 2,968 CEOs and Directors of Logistics and e-commerce throughout Europe.
  • We generated 63 leads and 51 interested target audience representatives.
We have had a significant upgrade since working with ModumUp. There is now a lot of native content, which is great because we didn't obtain the resources to produce it before the project. Our company currently has several promotion tools in the international direction, and Social Selling is one of the primary ones. Not to mention leads, we receive them regularly.
Elena Baranova
Head of International Marketing Group, Franchise
CEO at ModumUp
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