How Social Selling helps Kobotek generate B2B leads for production robotization

Kobotek is a systems integrator for the Danish company Universal Robots, the world leader in producing collaborative robots (kobots). Their clients are both large and small industrial enterprises that use manual labor.
There is a stereotype that the industrial audience is not very active on social media. Even when there are active individuals, it's too difficult to communicate with them. However, by using personal brand building methods, the Social Selling agency ModumUp collected a database of 1800+ owners and top managers of industrial companies and generated 18 leads in 6 months.

But first things first.
1. Problem: industrialists' skepticism and difficulties in communicating with them Big Brand Theory
While implementing kobots in the CIS, Kobotek constantly faces entrepreneurial skepticism, stereotypes, and misconceptions about robotization.
They honestly don't believe that the reconfiguration of the kobot takes just a few minutes. Experience with industrial robots prevents many entrepreneurs from realizing that robotization has straightforward and practical solutions. Especially for small batch production.
Andrey Kartsev
Founder of the SITEK Group and Kobotek
In addition, conventional communication channels with potential customers don't show high efficiency. .
We try to attract new customers through cold calling, but it's not always possible to reach people who make production decisions.
Andrey Kartsev
Founder of the SITEK Group and Kobotek
Based on the info above, there are two main tasks for Kobotek:

  1. Reach out to decision-makers more effectively.
2. Increase their loyalty to the product by talking about it unobtrusively.

2. Solution – Social Selling

Social Selling is comprised of lead generations and reductions of deal cycles in B2B through communication and building personal brands on social networks.
I'd been running a social media profile for a while by the time I learned about Social Selling. I periodically published posts in the "Engineering Sect" community and saw many responses. Occasionally, I came across people I would like to work with. Remembering this experience, I realized that this method can be quite effective, and I decided to cooperate with ModumUp.
Andrey Kartsev
Founder of the SITEK Group and Kobotek
First, we determined Andrey's positioning based on his personality and business objectives. He has many years of experience and extensive knowledge in machine tool modernization, robotics, and factory automation.
Having worked with Andrey, we were pleasantly surprised by his level of expertise, immersion in the process, and enthusiasm. It's difficult to overestimate how important these client qualities are when building a personal brand. The more involved the client is, the more natural and vibrant the page looks.

It's also great that the kobots themselves are very interesting. They have a specific field of application: they intend to replace manual labor. This greatly simplified the creation of product content.
Daniel Ambartsumyan
ModumUp Content Manager
Since the main task of Kobotek is the promotion of kobots, the role of an expert in the field of production robotization has become essential in maintaining the account. At the same time, an excellent basis for personal content was the passion for healthy lifestyles and an unusual diet.

Having decided on the positioning, we began adding the target audience and publishing posts.

We collected a database of 1800+ owners and top managers of industrial companies. Two hundred and eighty actively respond to the content and communicate with Andrey in the comments and PMs.

The industrial audience became much more active than we expected. It willingly adds to the friend's list and comments on publications. The page came to life almost immediately.

The theme of kobots is also exciting and collects quite a lot of interactions. In the posts, we debunk the myths that exist in the industrial environment and talk about relevant cases.

At the same time, Andrey also showed himself as an active communicator - he constantly responds in the comments and leads heated discussions.
Mikhail Pupyrin
ModumUp Project Manager

2.1. Lead generation mechanics and their results

We began lead generation one month after the start of the project. We have used three types of lead generation mechanics to maintain the account: a post with an offer of exclusive content, mailings to the active audience, and a direct offer.

We publish a short post offering relevant material as part of the first mechanic. We will send the material to all who responded via private messages. We then continue the dialogue: we ask for their opinion on the material, ask qualifying questions (for example, is the problem raised in the material currently relevant, etc.) At the last stage, we offer a call or a meeting to discuss the possibility of cooperation.
As a rule, all communication occurs according to a pre-written script.

For Andrey, we used a few of these types of posts.

43 people agreed to receive the materials in total. 22 responded to the second message, and 8 were converted into leads.
Private messaging to the active audience was no less effective. As part of this mechanic, we sent out relevant material to representatives of the target audience, who interacted most often with the content.

46 messages were sent, 35 people answered them, and 6 were converted into leads.
As a part of a promotion, we offered representatives from the target audience a demo trip with a kobot. The proposal was territorially limited – the Kobotek team went on a largescale demo trip around the Volga region and was ready to stop by each of these enterprises along the way.

Even though the offer was limited and involved the Kobotek team going directly to the production site, 6 representatives of the target audience accepted it.

Also, 3 leads came from regular content – Kobotek case studies.
In addition to direct lead generation, each of the mechanics led to active communication with the target audience. Andrey took the initiative and began to conduct a dialogue in personal messages, showing knowledge in the production field of the interlocutor. This hasn't always resulted in leads, but this type of communication is valuable for building long-term relationships with members of the target audience.

Communication is also moving offline: people came up to Andrey at various events and said they read his blog. Several people also called the sales department and directly referenced his social media page.
Ekaterina Doronina
ModumUp Project Director

3. Next Steps

Our project with Kobotek is ongoing, and we are planning the following steps:

  1. As a lead generation mechanic, we will try sending personalized messages to key representatives of the target audience.

  2. We will introduce a more significant number of cases involving kobots into the content, including public cases of Universal Robots.

  3. We will start adding representatives of the furniture industry – companies that are interested in integrating kobots into their assembly process.
In the old days, with many projects, both large and small, I sold face-to-face using charm and charisma. Right now, face-to-face meetings are limited, and I do my best to show my personality through my social media profile.

As a result, many of the people I meet say: "Yes, we already know you well." This is very important in terms of building relationships quickly with potential customers. It saves you the time, energy, and money you would otherwise spend on business trips.

I have high expectations for Social Selling.
Andrey Kartsev
Founder of the SITEK Group and Kobotek
CEO at ModumUp
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