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Unlocking Your LinkedIn Top Voice Badge: A Comprehensive 3-Step Guide

Elevate your LinkedIn presence with the prestigious Top Voice badge in just three simple steps. We've done it for 20+ clients - and now it's your turn.

Why Strive for the Brown (or Golden) Badge?

But why bother? Having the LinkedIn Top Voice badge translates to a remarkable 20-30% increase in connection rates, invitations to speak, and other valuable bonuses.

Rapid Badge Acquisition: 24-48 Hours

When following this algorithm precisely, our clients typically get their badges within 24-48 hours.

The Algorithm Decoded

Step 1: Choose Your Expert Topic

Select your niche wisely. Explore a variety of expert topics here, ranging from B2B Marketing Strategy and Lean Management to Investment Banking.
Step 2: Answer 3 Questions (Articles) in Your Chosen Topic

Choose three questions (articles) within your selected topic and provide one meticulous answer for each. Opt for articles where top experts haven't garnered many reactions (likes).
Step 3: Become a Top Expert in Each Article

Becoming a top expert in each of the three articles is the key. Ensure your answers rise to the top by accumulating the highest number of reactions. Aim for the top 3 positions in each of the three chosen articles, ideally achieving 5-7 reactions for each answer.
Pro tip: Rally your team, colleagues, or friends to support your answers with reactions. Remember, having three individuals in the 'top experts' section is crucial. Without this, your badge awaits until it's a genuine top-3 accomplishment.

Your Badge Awaits

Once you attain top expert status in three articles, each with three top experts, anticipate your badge to grace your profile within 24-48 hours. It's not just a badge; it's your ticket to becoming a LinkedIn Top Voice.
Wishing you the best of luck on your journey to claim the coveted LinkedIn Top Voice badge! 🚀