How CROC develops their employee's personal brands on social media

We teach employees how to establish their expert personal brands on social media.

This issue has become relevant for CROC because people have lost trust in no-name communications. It was necessary to find new approaches to building direct dialogues with the audience to promote their brand
CROC employs unique people, bright individuals who know everything about their job and can share enthusiastic stories about it. We decided to create a community where these experts receive support and gain the necessary skills to become industry leaders. It's a win-win. A person has their own goals they would like to achieve via external communications, and we help them in every possible way.
Elena Volkovskaya
Marketing Director of CROC

About the project "CROC Voices"

To make communication with the audience more personal and trusting, the company decided to launch the CROC Voices project, a community of company ambassadors.
CROC has been on the market for 29 years and has a compendium of projects, products, and various areas of expertise. It became quite obvious that no-name communication couldn't meet all the needs of the company's diverse target audience. We also wanted to make CROC a visible business with a human face, and this has been successfully achieved thanks to the CROC Voices project.
Alina Alaverdyan
Strategic Communications and Project Manager at CROC Voices
As part of the project, participants choose different means of external communications for their personal brand, but social media has become a key development area for the majority. Therefore, we received a request for maintaining the pages on two of the most popular social media sites.

Some CROC employees were brand ambassadors on social media before launching this project, but this activity lacked consistency. There wasn't any consistency with the frequency of posts or the correlation of specialists in areas of expertise.

The project organizers decided to help the participants by systematically creating their profiles on social media. It was important to build a sincere image, so these employees could openly share their work experiences. This includes difficulties and ways to solve problems, not just a general discussion about the company's achievements and successes. A sincere image on social media inspires trust throughout the target audience.

Problem solution: We are conducting employee workshops on creating an expert's personal brand on social media.

The purpose of the workshops was to bring all community members to a "common denominator". All employees had different experiences using social media and had different levels of progress. It was necessary to synchronize all parts to promote forward movement towards the project goal. Motivating the participants to enhance their social media profiles over the long term was essential, so the activity of the participants didn't end with the last workshop. To conduct workshops on developing personal social media brands, the project organizers attracted an external partner – Social Selling agency ModumUp.

Positioning and offer

With Natalia's help, we chose the positioning of a promotion. In addition, we selected a packaging specialist of XaaS (X - Anything as a Service), which includes subscription-based products and services that utilize cloud technologies.

Our task was to attract as many solution development companies as possible. We accomplished this by offering a switch to Microsoft Azure. The distributor's team will assist in product promotion, sales on partner channels, and be willing to share their knowledge and experience.

The creation of individual personal brand development strategies on social media for each participant

The first CROC Voices batch started in September 2020 with 25 participants. The most active employees who had already taken their first steps as company ambassadors joined the project. They were representatives of different lines of business and at various job levels.

Agency experts held three online workshops for the participants, where they discussed topics such as:

  • Social media positioning
  • Target audience growth
  • Content writing
  • Interactions with the target audience
  • Lead generation mechanics

Thanks to a highly systematic approach, the participants were able to design their social media profiles fully, grow the number of target audience representatives in their friends' list, and post exciting expert content throughout the workshops.
I liked the consistency and structure in building a personal brand on social media. The publication format, the words and sentences that are well perceived by people and those that aren't, determine the psycho style. It's cool to connect the personal goals and objectives of a person who wants to develop a personal brand with the topics of posts and interactions.
Nikita Vasiliev
A participant of the CROC Voices project
After each workshop, the participants completed homework assignments, on which the agency's experts gave them individual feedback. Many participants mentioned this as the most helpful part of the program.
It's cool that there is an individual approach within the program. The instructors discuss your homework with you! And the unexpected happened – I updated the design of my social media page. The last update before this was back in 2018. I'll even write my first post soon!
Damir Zakirov
A participant of the CROC Voices project

Content of the workshops

Unit 1: Positioning

In the positioning unit, the participants defined the roles and styles of maintaining a profile. The style is how information is presented, and the role determines the content of the posts.

To formulate expert and personal roles, the participants had to answer four questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What is my business objective?
  • What is important for my target audience?
  • What story do I want to tell about myself?

As a result, the ratio of expert-personal content for each participant was approximately 70-30 respectively. If the profile contains only professional content (product or selling), the page will be perceived as a company blog and become less trustworthy.

Many participants decided to talk about their hobbies and work-life balance as personal roles.

If you want to develop a personal brand on social media, it isn't necessary to reveal the details of your personal life. The main point is that the audience recognizes you as a person, sees similarities in views and interests, and begins to trust you.

When determining the style of their profiles, many participants chose a combination of several styles.

When building an expert personal brand, highlighting the "practitioner" or "analyst" styles is essential. You can choose the "communicator" or "disruptor" for additional styles since provocative topics show your expertise and draw attention to the profile, which creates discussions.
Social media account styles. Source: Traackr
As part of the positioning block, the participants formulated a key idea that would be broadcasted via their profiles.

Unit 2: Target Audience Growth

In the unit about growing the target audience, participants learned about different ways to find the target audience on selected social media sites:

  • Through thematic communities and the list of their members
  • Through groups of companies and interactions with posts (likes, comments, reposts, tags of company employees in posts)
  • Through profiles of industry influencers and their contact list
  • Through a recommended contacts list

As homework, the participants had to find communities on social media that fit their target audience.

Unit 3: Content preparation

At the workshop on preparing content for a personal profile, agency experts showed participants how to prepare a content plan and which frequency of publication is more effective.

  • Why the time and day of a publication doesn't affect the outreach of the post
  • What are the criteria for successful posts and mistakes in the content
  • How to overcome psychological barriers when preparing content

The participants learned why they need to alternate posts with different formats into the profile, why videos are gaining popularity, and how to write engaging texts.
Criteria for a successful post based on content analysis of projects from the ModumUp agency
Thank you for a great course on developing a personal profile on social media! The course is quite short, but this type of format is effective in clip thinking and large quantities of information for maximum assimilation. Everything is on point with the maximum amount of relevant information, related examples, and effective practices. A Special thanks to the agency's experts for their detailed feedback!
Anastasia Popova
A participant of the CROC Voices project
The participants had to conceive post topics for each role and prepare the first post for their profile as part of the homework.

Unit 4: Interaction with the target audience and lead generation

During the third workshop on lead generation mechanics, the participants learned about the different types of mechanics used in posts and messages. We also discussed the principles of networking with representatives of the target audience.
Types of interaction with representatives of the target audience
The agency's experts also explained which lead generation mechanics can be implemented in a personal profile and the ideal time to do so. Moreover, they remind the target audience representatives about yourself in personal correspondence with them.
Types of lead generation mechanics in social media

Project results

After the success of the first batch of CROC Voices participants, the organizers launched three additional workshops where agency experts focused on developing a personal brand on social media. To date, 95 CROC employees have participated in the project, and more than 80% of the participants are active. This includes creating content and developing their personal brand on social media, doing their homework, and participating in activities.
The pace of the course is great for learning: the deadlines are reasonable, the professional teacher's used structured presentations without fluff, we got lots of practice, and received substantive feedback. The very idea of the course is unique: it's an opportunity to combine personal and professional traits, thereby understanding more about yourself by building a personal brand.
Oksana Smolyakova
A participant of the CROC Voices project
In the first half of 2021, community members wrote more than 1121 posts.

Speaking about the quality metrics of the project, the organizers noticed a change in the perception of the CROC brand. The company is associated more with individuals rather than their skills and expertise. CROC Voices members are often approached directly by potential clients and job applicants.

In addition to the educational side of these workshops, CROC gained some residual side effects internally. These workshops have opened the doors to many cross-functional initiatives amongst colleagues in different departments.
Project Director at ModumUp
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