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Hi, I'm Olga!

I founded ModumUp in 2018, inspired by my experience as a social media lead at Microsoft. During my time there, I managed social selling, social media marketing and employee advocacy programs in Central and Eastern Europe.

Now I'm located in Austin, Texas, and manage a remote team of over 30 professionals in Social Selling and LinkedIn marketing.

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What we do at ModumUp

We manage personal social media profiles to achieve business goals

Engage with prospects and acquire new B2B clients

Build your network on social media, engage your potential clients and use lead generation mechanics to arrange calls or meetings

Build your partner network and attract B2B partners

Build your partner network on social media and use lead generation mechanics to arrange calls or meetings

Attract employees and build HR brand

Build expert brands of hiring managers and attract highly qualified professionals

Increase brand awareness among your target audience

Broadcast your brand messages and values to your target audience through your employees' social media profiles

Position your top managers as thought leaders

Boost your top managers' profiles and position them as thought leaders on social media

Attract the attention of potential investors

Build your network of potential investors and establish visionary personal brand
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How it works

Define your Social Selling strategy
Contact us and share your business goals. We will help you choose your own style and create a sincere story that describes you as an expert
Grow your target audience
Choose the parameters of your target audience, and we will find specific people using various search tools
Nurture leads using the right content
Showcase your expertise and personality on social media to build trust. Engage with your audience and expand your network. Let us assist you with that
Identify sales-ready leads and implement selling techniques
Approach sales-ready leads using effective lead generation tactics. We'd be glad to assist you with that as well

ModumUp's case studies

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Our clients recommend us
  • I collaborate with ModumUp on the development of my personal brand on LinkedIn and networking with scientists in the areas of neuroimaging, deep learning, ML and AI. Thanks to our collaboration, the work of my group is currently more noticed and more relevant professionals are reaching out to me
    Scientist, professor at a large university in the US
  • I have at least two achievements during our work with ModumUp! One is the Top Voice badge and another one - my Social Selling Index (SSI) is now over 60! I think these are great achievements and a good reason to talk about them out loud
    Business consultant at an international consulting company
  • The ModumUp team turned out to be a great help, not only in terms of knowledge but primarily in terms of support when you need to take action, overcome overthinking or the fear of writing and find your themes and strengths to write about. This is helpful!
    Marketing manager at an international tech company
  • Working with ModumUp, I've learned about good practices and many other important points, that help project a "genuine" brand of yourself, and also make sure your business is sustainable
    Head of sales at an international fintech company

Our clients get LinkedIn Top Voice badges

Our team

The ModumUp team works remotely. 30+ Social Selling experts create quality content, conduct lead generation mechanics, know how to build communication with the target audience. We work with IT, finance, logistics, manufacturing and digital industries.
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