Dodo Brands Case Study: Recipe for Effective Social Selling on LinkedIn
Expectation: Managing my profile on social media is too resource-intensive for me. I'll just waste my time; it's not even worth starting.

Reality: Having an expert profile on social media adds value to an employee and expands their circle of business contacts.

The specialists from ModumUp Social Selling agency conducted a series of workshops for Dodo Brands employees on developing their expert personal brand on social media. After completing the program, around 70% of the participants continued managing their profiles. Keep the recipe for effective LinkedIn profile management :)
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Dodo Brands successfully operates its business in 18 countries worldwide, including Eastern Europe, Africa, the UK, and China. The brand is actively present on social media and works effectively with them. The company is known for its honest and open communication about life inside Dodo Brands and what goes on behind the scenes. So, when the international office team expressed an interest in training for personal profile management on social media, we supported them.
Last year, we launched a project for employees who wanted to develop their personal LinkedIn pages. We helped them come up with topics and provided recommendations for text. By that time, we were already familiar with ModumUp's expert materials and events, where we found a lot of valuable information for profile development on LinkedIn. Therefore, when the idea of conducting a large group training emerged, we immediately thought of ModumUp
PR Lead at Dodo Brands
Among the various available learning formats at ModumUp, we opted for a series of workshops.
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30 employees of Dodo Brands participated in the training, divided by ModumUp experts into 2 groups of 15 people each. Small groups set a comfortable pace for learning, guided by a mentor. This approach allows for individual work with each participant and enables all students to comfortably follow the course program at their own pace.

The Dodo Brands employees had varying levels of experience using LinkedIn. Some were already brand ambassadors on social media. Their task within the ModumUp program was to systematize their knowledge about LinkedIn and gain a deeper understanding of the algorithms and capabilities of the platform. Other project participants were newcomers to this field, lacking not only practical knowledge about social media but also confidence in their abilities. The mentors' task was to address impostor syndrome and inspire them to systematically manage their personal profiles.
ModumUp experts conducted 3 online workshops for project participants, covering the following topics:
  • Positioning on social media
  • Growing the target audience
  • Preparing content
  • Engaging with the target audience
  • Lead generation mechanics
During the training process, we received positive feedback from all participants. Not only from newcomers but also from those who have been working with social media for several years (like our sales team, for example). It was nice to note the high attendance rate at the workshops. I believe that the personal interaction between participants and mentors played an important role. Sofia and Angelika, you're simply awesome! (note: Sofia Lopatkina, Project Director at ModumUp, and Angelika Minina, Project Manager at ModumUp) In the project chat, the leads communicated with our employees, reminded them of tasks, and answered questions between workshops. Additionally, they shared materials for further reading and resources related to personal profile development on social media. All of this combined resulted in a tangible outcome
PR Lead at Dodo Brands
Recipe 1: Preparing for Personal Profile Development
In the first module of the workshop, participants began with positioning and defining the profile's theme. To achieve this, they answered the following questions:
  • Who I am?
    Social status, interests, temperament, strengths in a professional context
  • What are my business objectives (or tasks)?
  • What matters to my target audience?
    What kind of audience it is
  • What story do I want to tell?
Based on their answers, roles were assigned for content creation: personal (family, interests, hobbies), professional (company news, case studies), and expert (life hacks, analyses, research, infographics). For many participants, it was a revelation that personal posts receive a positive response on LinkedIn.
Slide from ModumUp Workshop on Positioning about Roles for Managing Your Profile on Social Media
Separately, we discussed possible unique features for a profile - a memorable detail that would capture attention and distinguish the author from thousands of other specialists with similar themes. For example, weekly polls, thematic images, infographics. The key is not to completely copy someone else's features! It's great if the author's style is unique and recognizable.
Slide from ModumUp Workshop on Positioning about How to Highlight Your LinkedIn Profile through Original Post Formatting
We explored profile design options and cool features in LinkedIn that would make the profile more engaging for new followers. ModumUp experts recommend using storytelling and including a brief story about oneself, what one does, and contact information in the About section.
Slide from ModumUp Workshop on Positioning about How to Properly Fill the About Section in Your LinkedIn Profile
In the Featured section, you can pin useful articles and posts that you'd like your target audience to notice.
Slide from ModumUp Workshop on Positioning about How to Showcase Your Expertise through the Featured Section in Your LinkedIn Profile
In the Creator Mode section, you can activate the author mode and choose 5 key hashtags for your content — 5 topics to help readers navigate your posts more easily.
Slide from ModumUp Workshop on Positioning about the Benefits of Using the Connected Creator Mode in Your Personal LinkedIn Profile
Another valuable LinkedIn feature is customizing your personalized URL. You can place a link to a website, YouTube channel, or landing page, and come up with any accompanying description. If desired, you can even add emojis to attract attention.
Slide from ModumUp Workshop on Positioning about Adding a Personalized Link to the Header of Your LinkedIn Profile
The ModumUp experts recommended workshop participants to thoroughly complete all sections, including:
  • Work Experience
    Specify previous relevant experience as well as current employment
  • Skills
    List soft and hard skills
  • Recommendations
    Ask colleagues/clients/partners to write a recommendation
The quality and completeness of the profile filling determine how willingly the target audience adds you as a friend. People are more likely to make a positive decision if the profile's benefit (or idea) is made as clear to them as possible.
Slide from ModumUp Workshop on Positioning with Recommendations for Formatting Experience, Skills, and Recommendations Sections in a LinkedIn Profile
In addition to filling out the profile, the experts discussed with the participants the distinctions between a personal profile and a company page, criteria for the target audience, and how to find and add them without violating LinkedIn's limitations. Details on this topic can be found in our case study "ANCOR Ambassadors: How to Develop Employer Brand on Social Media"
After the first workshop, we received positive feedback from representatives of Dodo Brands. They mentioned that even individuals who have long been developing their personal profiles and are brand ambassadors themselves were surprised to learn a lot of new things. It was a gratifying experience and a kind of quality seal
Sofia Lopatkina
Project Director at ModumUp
After each workshop, participants were given homework assignments.
Recipe 2: Best Practices for Social Media Content
Slide from the ModumUp workshop on content creation for your LinkedIn profile
We delved separately into the current tools, such as DeepL for translations and AI Text Classifier for text verification. The participants of the workshop were particularly intrigued by the capabilities of ChatGPT for content creation.

ChatGPT can be employed for various text generation tasks, such as requesting to make a post more appealing.
Slide from the ModumUp workshop on using ChatGPT to simplify the process of writing posts for your LinkedIn profile
You can accidentally check ChatGPT text for an error
Slide from the ModumUp workshop on content about using ChatGPT to streamline the process of writing posts for your LinkedIn profile.
The bot can extract the main points from the article or generate a social media post based on it.
Slide from the ModumUp workshop on content about using ChatGPT to simplify the process of composing posts for your LinkedIn profile.
Make the text better, shorter, or longer.
Slide from the ModumUp workshop on utilizing ChatGPT to streamline the process of crafting posts for your LinkedIn profile.
Additionally, ChatGPT can be used to prepare comments for friends' social media posts.
Slide from the ModumUp workshop on content regarding the use of ChatGPT for commenting on posts within your target audience on LinkedIn.
Each participant had an individual homework assignment. Beginners were required to prepare a content plan and publish their first two posts. For those who have been developing their profiles for a while, the task was to incorporate new tools into their content preparation.
Recipe 3: Preparing First Lead Generation Messages, Follow-up Messages, Conducting LinkedIn Events
In the third section, we discussed two approaches to Social Selling. The first approach involves getting acquainted with the audience by posting relevant content on your profile, liking and commenting on the content of your connections. Only after 1-2 months do you transition to personal messages. ModumUp experts recommend promptly starting outbound lead generation in private messages when leads are needed very quickly. In this case, as soon as a person accepts your connection request, you can send them a personal message.
Example of a first message for client prospecting. Slide from the ModumUp workshop on lead generation through your personal LinkedIn profile.
Simultaneously, we are also working on inbound marketing: increasing your visibility through the publication of expert content.

We discussed examples of personal messages and follow-up options.
There are several ways to remind yourself
  • General messages
  • Recommendations
  • Additional details and materials related to your offer
  • Useful content
    Аrticles, videos, posts, or ideas
  • Personalized videos or audio
  • Emojis
  • Invitations to events/webinars
Slide from ModumUp Workshop on Lead Generation through Personal LinkedIn Profile
Additionally, the experts advised not to hesitate in following up and reminding potential clients about you
  • 3-5 days after sending useful content or an offer
  • Every 2-4 months for individuals who started ignoring you after an active dialogue
  • Every 6-8 months, revisit individuals who didn't show interest in your offer
And, of course, it's essential to return within the agreed-upon time, even if it's 3-6 months later.

A significant portion of the third webinar was dedicated to LinkedIn Live broadcasts to increase company recognition.
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After the program, 70% of participants continued managing their LinkedIn profiles.
I noticed that participants in the workshops are genuinely using the tools covered during the training. Many have aligned their profiles with the recommendations, post surveys, and correctly use hashtags. However, for some, maintaining regularity and finding topics for posts is still challenging, but practice makes perfect :)
PR Lead at Dodo Brands
To make a workshop beneficial, several things need to be done: attend sessions, actively engage during interactions, complete homework assignments, and stay in touch with the curator. In general, be ready to work towards results. We have the option for individual guidance, participants can work on their tasks and target audience under the expert's guidance, and they should take advantage of this. I would recommend companies not to force employees to manage their social media profiles but focus on those who are genuinely interested in profile development. If a person sees the value, there's a high probability they'll continue even after the training program ends
Project Manager at ModumUp
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