Social Selling Conference:
Entering new markets via social media

Annual Social Selling conference: June 15th, 2022
The official conference language: English
Participation format: Online and Free
What is Social Selling?
Lead generation for B2B via networking and the building of personal brands on social media
Leading experts in Social Selling and B2B sales from around the globe are going to share their experience, case-studies, and insights on lead generation and networking with potential clients
Who will be interested in watching
the recordings from the conference?

  • Entrepreneurs,
    executives of companies
    To implement new efficient tools for lead generation and sales and to increase company revenue
  • Marketing Directors and
    Marketing Managers
    To develop a new channel for lead generation and to broadcast a company's expertise to the target audience
  • Sales Directors and
    Sales Managers
    To communicate with decision-makers who are difficult to reach through other channels and to build relationships with potential customers
Recordings of speakers' speeches
Social Selling in the Global Market
Olga Bondareva, founder of ModumUp - Social Selling for B2B, former Microsoft Social Media Lead for the Central and Eastern Europe region
How to Reach Out to Corporate Clients in Malaysia Using LinkedIn
Hanzo Ng, a sales trainer, coach and consultant. Founder of LinkedIn Academy Malaysia and Top 100 winner of LinkedIn Sales Stars 2020
The Art of Social Selling: Embrace - Engage - Educate

Con Sotidis, social media strategist supporting businesses to establish an effective brand on LinkedIn and to gain new connections, clients and increased sales
Egypt Business Development and B2B Sales Approaches to Increase Your Market Share
Ibrahim Diab, IMOU Egypt Sales Manager, Sales trainer and consultant , business development expert
Specifics of Business Communication and B2B Sales in the Indian Market
Olga Kulikova, member of the Trade Council of Russia and India. Business consultant at "Business Russia", specilized on the Indian market
Mistakes and Findings in B2B Lead Generation in the Aviation Industry
Max Andreev, Founder at Rosterize - add-on to any flight operations and crew management system empowering operators with AI-assisted crew planning
Lead Generation in MENA, LATAM, and APAC: Communication Specifics and Case Studies
Sofia Lopatkina, Ekaterina Altbregina, Directors at ModumUp - Social Selling for B2B
How to generate B2B leads building local and global communities
Anthony Minkowski, CEO at Remotecamp and other travel startups, an expert in business relocation
Social Selling: How to Connect Online with Offline
Carola Rodrigues, keynote speaker, author and advisor, Co-Founder at Connect Online with Offline
How to Book Meetings on LinkedIn Without Pitching
Nicholas Thickett, Morgan Smith, Managing Partners at Alignd - we help B2B sales teams never make a cold approach again & crush quota
How to Use Social Selling for Business Communication in LATAM
Belen Navarro, CEO and Founder at BDigital, digital marketing and business consultant, experience in Latin America, Brazil and Europe
Personalization in Social Selling

Olga Bondareva,
founder of ModumUp - Social Selling for B2B, former Microsoft Social Media Lead for the Central and Eastern Europe region
B2B Networking in Turkey
Taner Özdeş, General Manager of Infonet, Founder of Taner Ozdes Academy, B2B sales trainer, and author of the books about B2B sales
Conference Organizers - ModumUp Social Selling Agency - About Us
ModumUp Social Selling agency is a team of 40+ specialists that deals with the management of personal social media profiles and B2B lead generation.
Conference Organizer
ModumUp - Social Selling agency for B2B
'Accelerate B2B sales by streaming your expertise on social media.
Don't spend a lot of time creating content and growing your target audience - we'll help!'
Related Materials
Recordings from the previous conference
Olga Bondareva, co-founder and CEO at, ex. Social Media Lead in Central and Eastern Europe at Microsoft
'Social Selling in post-pandemic world - what has changed? + LinkedIn B2B case-studies'
Timothy Hughes, the pioneer of Social Selling
'Social Selling: why it's so popular and how it changes over the past year'
Marcus Chan, Founder of Venli Consulting Group, an executive member on the Forbes
'How I Use LinkedIn to Generate Dozens of Qualified Meetings Without Being Pitchy or Spammy'
Steve Carroll, Account Executive at LinkedIn
'LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Target, Understand & Engage with your Next Customers'
Scott Clary, International Marketing and Sales Expert, Director of Development at Grass Valley
'How to sell to Buying Committee'
Jamie Shanks, CEO of 'Sales for Life', the best selling author of Social Selling Mastery and SPEAR Selling
'Prioritization best practices: Mining Compelling Event - Signal Intelligence from LinkedIn + How to Use Video Content for Personalization'
Pier Perrone, international sales expert with more than 20 years of experience in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
'How does Social Selling in IT Sound? + nuances of communication on LinkedIn in Germany'
Elizabeth Menshikova, Senior Social Intelligence Manager at YouScan
'Best practices of Social Selling 2021 and communication challenges entering the US and UK markets on LinkedIn'
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