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Case Studies

Social Selling Action Plan

Define your positioning

Set your business goals and we will help you choose your own style and create a sincere story that describes you as an expert
Organize target audience growth
Choose parameters of your target audience, and we will find specific people using different search tools
Nurture leads using the right content
Show your expertise and personality on your social media profile to build trust, and we will help you open up
Identify sales-ready leads and implement selling techniques
Approach sales-ready leads using effective lead generation tactics
ModumUp Services
Social Selling: Profile management
  • We start with developing a Social Selling strategy and manage an expert's profile by growing their target audience, engaging in conversations, preparing regular content, and generating leads
  • Our minimum project duration is 3 months
from $2,850/month
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Social Selling Consulting Services
  • We develop a Social Selling strategy and provide consulting support at every stage of Social Selling
  • From a single consultation to long-term assistance
from $1,700/month
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Corporate Mentoring Groups
  • We mentor and support your teams to build their expert personal brands and generate quality leads on social media
  • Our programs last from one to three months
from $5,000/month
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Our Team
The ModumUp team works completely remotely!

30+ Social Selling experts:
- create quality content
- conduct lead generation mechanics
- know how to build communication with the target audience

We work with IT, finance, logistics, manufacturing, and digital industries

Customer Reviews
  • I collaborate with ModumUp on development of my personal brand on LinkedIn & Twitter and on networking with specialists and scientists working in the area of neuroimaging, deep learning, ML and AI. ModumUp team helped me to greatly improve design of my profile. They work on attracting the target audience to the profile and help me to increase my presence in professional communities on social media. Thanks to our collaboration, the work of my group is currently more noticed than it previously was, more relevant professionals are reaching out to me, and in people respond to my requests more easily.
    Sergey Plis
    Georgia State University
  • I've been taking a Social Selling course with ModumUp - Social Selling for B2B for the past 3 months.
    The course was excellent, and covered many aspects that were unheard of for me, like, for example, targeted campaigns (these can be really snipper shots).
    We learnt about good practices, GDPR, regulation... and many other important points, that help project a "genuine" brand of yourself, and also make sure your business is sustainable.
    I was fortunate to have colleagues from all over the world participating with me, and I'm looking forward to applying and sharing what's been learnt.
    Marcel Cahen
  • With the help of ModumUp, I began to develop my personal brand on social media among CIOs and CTOs which attracted the right audience to our largest annual event. Analytics and insights from the agency were very helpful.
    As an effect, potential and even existing clients started contacting me in PM to request the contacts of our sales managers or engineers, or just to exchange opinions on some interesting topics.
    It's nice to know that it's not just us that reaches out to our audience, but they reach out to us. For me, this is a great indicator of the effectiveness of Social Selling.

    Irina Chernova
  • ModumUp's team conducted a training program on Social Selling for our company. During the training process, we received positive feedback from all participants, not only from newcomers but also from those who have been working with social media for several years, such as our sales team. It was pleasing to observe the high attendance rate at the workshops. I believe that the personal interaction between participants and mentors played a pivotal role. In the project chat, the mentors communicated with our employees, reminded them of tasks, and addressed questions between workshops. Additionally, they shared materials for further reading and resources related to personal profile development on social media. The combination of all these factors resulted in a noticeable improvement.
    Polina Gerasimova
    Dodo Brands
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