ModumUp Case Studies
Sergey Plis, Professor of Computer Science at Georgia State University:
Building a Scientist's Personal Brand on LinkedIn: How and Why

  • +8,684 followers and connections on LinkedIn
  • +2,677 followers on Twitter
  • Guest invitations to a podcast and several other event
  • Requests for consultations
  • Getting LinkedIn’s Community Top Voice in Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence
Attracting IT Executives Using Social Media

  • 473 contacts responded to lead generation mechanics
  • 270 interested TA representative
  • 25 leads from target companies
How to Generate B2B Leads for Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Using the Social Selling Approach

  • 150+ contacts responded to lead generation mechanics
  • 50+ interested TA representative
  • 33 leads from target companies
EXANTE - an International FinTech Company: Social Selling Mentoring Group for a Sales Team

  • 20 participants in 2 groups
  • three online workshops for each group of participants
  • social media positioning, target audience growth, content writing, interactions with the target audience, lead generation mechanic
ANCOR, a Recruitment and HR Consultancy Firm, Initiated a Brand Ambassador Program to Bolster Its Employer Brand on Social Media.

  • Participants added 3,000 target audience representatives to their profiles
  • Achieved an 85% Connection Rate, reflecting a positive perception of ANCOR
  • Reached over 13,000 individuals with their content
  • Participants received invitations to HR events and publication offer
  • Some became speakers, article authors, and filled job positions, solidifying ANCOR's desirable employer status
Collaborative Robots (Cobots) in Manufacturing

  • target audience base size - 1800+ connections
  • 250+ interested TA representatives
  • 15 leads from target companies
How CDEK Enters New Markets Via Social Media

  • Base of 4,945 representatives target audience
  • 51 interested target audience representatives
  • 118 leads and 2 deals for more than 200,000 euros
Five ModumUp case studies in the MENA region.

  • Fast Delivery Services
  • Video analytics system
  • Recognition and Inputs of Primary Documentation
  • Social Selling Service
  • Global Logistics Company
Dodo Brands
Dodo Brands Case Study: Recipe for Effective Social Selling on LinkedIn

  • Upon program completion, approximately 70% of the participants continued actively maintaining their social media profiles.
  • Participants gained valuable skills in developing their professional profiles on LinkedIn
  • Collaboration with ModumUp has proven its effectiveness in supporting and enhancing the professional profiles of the Dodo Brands team on social media.
The case study provides the results of successful campaigns across various geographical regions and sectors

  • Delivery services
  • Cloud Service Platform
  • Video Analytics System
  • Platform for Route Planning
  • Workflow Automation
  • Performance Marketing Agency
  • Logistics Company
  • 114 individuals showed interest in the client's services
  • 76 leads expressed readiness to work with the client, including a $30 million American startup seeking mentoring
  • Became a mentor at the Acelera accelerator, where the consultant's monthly rate covered our three-month Social Selling work
  • Became a mentor at the global Techstars accelerator